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Elisa Salas
Medusa splashing her pain away
150 x 170 cm
New Technique: digital drawing on canvas. Mineral inks encapsulated in resin.
Edition of 3. 

Piece 1/3  SOLD 

Piece 2/3 available

Piece 3/3 available


Pieces 2/3 and 3/3 creation time 4 weeks within normal conditions 

Medusa splashing her pain away

Very limited edition to 3 unique pieces
  • Every calligram comes with a document that certifies that it is an authentic and original work of art created by the artist Elisa Salas. As in a Very Limited Edition Art New Media Creation on digital inks corresponding to a unique possession of the piece. With all art pieces enumerated and signed by the artist between the calligraphy that composes the image, at the back of the canvas with Montblanc ink or/and at the front with invisible ink. Every art work of this new media that is acquired is just as original as his 2 other siblings because of the nature of the creative process of the artist, which involves a fusion between plastic and digital art, the last step of the creation being a calligraphic drawing. In other words, there is no negative of which the pieces are reproduced, but each comes directly from a unique digital art final composition never to be materialized after the last piece of the edition finds its owner. It also counts with her steel plate signature somewhere on it. There may exist up to two (2) color proofs of the art works, with those proofs being identified. Any unauthorized reproduction or use is in violation of the Copyright Law.

    Canvas 100 % cotton acid free. UV protective varnish on inks. Banak wood 4 x 2.5 cm.

    This archival inks canvas was created within a visual concept that the artist experiences inspired by the greek visual poet, Simias de Rodes, asian calligraphy, hieroglyphics, zoomorphic islamic texts and Guillaume Apollinaire’s calligrams.

Art Prices are expressed in U.S.D.

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